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Walk to the White House

Spring has finally sprung… I went on a walk to the White House where the lawn was perfectly green and the magnolia trees were in full bloom:imageimageAfterwards, had dinner at Daikaya, a small ramen restaurant. Here’s my spicy miso ramen, which was flavorful and came with yummy toppings like scallions and slices of pork.

Panda Gourmet (not Panda Express)

My friends and I went to a place called Panda Gourmet the other weekend, it was one of the few times I’ve tried authentic Chinese food that’s not take-out lo mein and General Tso’s chicken (I think the last time I had real Chinese was at Xian Famous Foods in the East Village of NYC - highly recommend). My two friends who are Chinese ordered for all of us (I had no idea what we were getting as I didn’t understand a word they said to the waitress). But the dishes we got were all delicious and full of flavor if not a little too oily.imageThis was beef intestine, which sounds gross but tasted great.imageAsparagus, with a spicy kick. (Pretty much everything we ordered had a spicy kick)imageNoodles.

We ordered two fish dishes that came in big stews, both of which were amazing and everyone’s favorites, but I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of them. It’s definitely best to go here with a group of people, that way you can order a lot of dishes and try everything together, family-style. We also ordered lamb skewers and another noodle dish that also aren’t pictured.

Diplomatic Ball

Friday night I attended the 89th Annual Diplomatic Ball, a Georgetown, black tie tradition with students and diplomats. This year it was held at the Corcoran Gallery, the perfect setting as we got to wander around some of the galleries and up the grand staircase.imageMy friends and I took some pictures beforehand at Dumbarton Oaks, a beautiful garden in Georgetown. I definitely need to go back here another day, as we didn’t get nearly enough time to look through the extensive and really beautiful grounds.imageOur photographer friend came along and took these pictures!image

Afterwards, I went back home, got ready with everyone else, and finally got into cabs to the Corcoran.image


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Disney World Day 1: Poolside and Downtown Disney

I just came back from the most jam-packed, fun trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida! Here are some pictures from the first day there-

You can’t tell from this picture but it was quite chilly the first day, but the pool was heated so we stayed in there for a bit, then got ready for dinner.

We ate at Raglan Road, an Irish pub restaurant in downtown Disney. The food was incredible, I had the lollipop pork chop after hearing the waiter’s recommendation and did not regret it. There was a live band and Irish dancers that entertained us throughout the night.

Kennedy Center


It’s been on my DC bucket list for a while to go to the Kennedy Center. I see the beautiful white building from afar all the time, when I’m walking on the waterfront or in a cab on the way to the Verizon Center or Union Station. On Sunday night I finally went and I must say it’s pretty great up close too! The inside has two really long halls with tall ceilings and rows of flags, and everything is lined in red carpet. There were no shows going on at the time so we had the whole place to ourselves.imageI think it’s funny how all the famous presidents have their own building or park in DC… there’s the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Roosevelt Island, and the Kennedy Center (I think I’m definitely missing a couple too).image

After taking the elevator up to the terrace floor we went outside to the rooftop, which has great 360 views of DC and the surrounding area. I definitely want to come back up here on a spring day for lunch, or on a summer night when it’s not so windy! Also, I want to come back and actually watch a show here, like the ballet.imageimage

Spring has Sprung!

Or so it seems from the amazing warm weather this weekend. I took full advantage and made it outside both days. Saturday I took a walk to Roosevelt Island, where we did the 1.8 mile loop around the whole outer trail, getting just a little muddy on the way. The last time I came here there was almost no one else in sight, but this time, I guess because of the rare sunny day, everyone was walking, many of them with their dogs.